this is the art commissions part of the website

be warned

go straight to the art dump
take a gander at my logos
i made some comics

so in this amazing offer, i will make ART or MUSIC for ya.
i'm that bored okay??

current price: free, bitch

here are the art things i will do for you

music (elaborate, though)
  • normal music or voice covers

digital art
  • ibisPaint or Aseprite
  • maybe a logo

pixel art
  • NES, SNES, Gameboy styled art
  • tilesets (platformer, RPG a la Pokemon, etc)
  • character designs

do you accept bribes?

heres how to bribe me.
all shit is free* EXCEPT
i will accept discord nitro as a payment and also maybe a steam wishlist game?????
no paypal though
(not like you'd want to pay me anyways.)
the money means im more likely to actually finish your thing

examples of art below, for premium bribing.

mini aseprite file collection

showoff.gif (old)
current.png (old header) -
apollo level 1 mockup -
apollo mockup sheet -
mosaic 1 (old site) -
rose sprite sheet
DENTAKU - main sprite sheet
DENTAKU - breather portaits
DENTAKU - achievements

my art dump

logo collection