about me / misc

hi, i'm kaia. i make stupid pixel art and music and art and just general weird stuff.
you know that weird kid in class that looks at video game wikis and has at least one lgbtq+ button/pin and wears the same hoodie every day? that's me.

who are you, and what are you doing in my house?

my name: kaia
my gender: trans girl
age: magic anime MC
favourite movies: wall-e, back to the future, wreck-it-ralph, muppets
why do i switch between 'color' and 'colour': idk
fav games: uh... anything by Toby Fox and also mario shit
fav color: purple

role models

- temmie chang
- that one girl at school who is rlly pretty and i love their hair but ive never talked to them and i dont know how to start a c
- and i think that is it

- i was gonna write somethin here but i forgot.

so what do i do all day hHUUUUH?????

well, i make projects! whatever's interesting at the time. usually games, sometimes i make music, sometimes art. i like creating.

any OCs, weirdo?

i'm not updating this section lol.